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Food processing technologies and underlining principles of changes in microbiological quality and safety, chemical composition and nutritional value, and interaction of functional additives and ingredients. Prerequisite: NFS 043, NFS 053; organic chemistry. Spring.


Prereqs enforced by the system: NFS 043 and NFS 053; or instructor permission; DNFS and NFS majors, and NFS minors only

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This course is a course on the history of food preservation techniques, food quality, food safety and unit operations in the production of a food product.

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Generall y speaking I utilize a question and answer format in class. You are expected to be present and to contribute your personal knowledge when called on. My goal is to increase your knowledge and to allow you to apply your knowledge to the factors involved with the production and preservation of food products. The emphasis of the course will be including making the materials relevant to a dietitian, nutritionist and/or food scientist. Students are empowered to ask questions about ideas and terms with which they are not familiar.


The grading for the course is based on semester exams as well as a Final Exam. Exams may include both an in class set of questions in the form of multiple choice or True/False questions and a take home written portion.

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