About CS 021 C

Introduction to algorithmic problem solving and computer programming. Designed to provide a foundation for further studies in computer science.


Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

Programming I teaches problem solving, and the problem solving process, in the context of high level computer programming. This section of CS 021 uses Python as a vehicle to introduce the elements of computer programming. Topics will include variables, selection statements, repetition statements, functions, flow of control, simple input/output and basic data structures. Throughout the course, good programming style will be emphasized. The course assumes no prior programming experience. When registering for CS21, you will have a choice of CS21 (Green) or CS21 (Gold). To determine which section is appropriate for you, visit go.uvm.edu/cs21group.

Section Expectation

CS 021 will be delivered in a hybrid format. What does that mean? In hybrid courses, traditional face-to-face “lecture” time is replaced by online materials. For CS 021, the material that would traditionally be delivered during lecture will instead be available in online videos and notes. Prior to each week’s lecture, students are expected to have read the chapter and reviewed all supplemental videos and notes, and complete a quiz on the material. The first class meeting of the week will be dedicated to small group pencil and paper activities to reinforce the concepts. The second meeting of each week will be the weekly lab which will provide additional practice. The weekly homework will allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the material. Two exams will be given during the semester.


Grades are based on attendance and participation during in class activities and labs, weekly quizzes, two midterms, weekly programming assignments, and a final project.

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Aiken Center 102 (View Campus Map)


to on Tuesday and Thursday

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