About NH 120 A

A study of ethical principles and applications used to help resolve dilemmas in health care delivery. Introduction to ethical decision-making models used in the practice of modern health care.


AT, CSD, EMS, HSCI, MLS, MRS, NMT, PRNU, RADT, and EXSC majors only

Section Description

This course is a survey of various ethical issues and controversies that arise in medicine and related medical fields. We will examine various medical, legal and political issues related to end-of-life, beginning-of-life and quality-of-life decisions; ethical issues raised by, for example, abortion, ending life, assisted reproduction, cloning, genetic engineering, stem-cell research, organ and tissue transplantation, medical experimentation and physician assisted suicide. We will try to understand some of the relevant factual and scientific information that pertains to these issues and try to sort out how to make the best ethical decisions regarding them. The course strikes a balance between case-based approaches, in which we consider real life situations in which these issues arise, and consideration of the ethical theories and principles that guide such considerations.

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to on Tuesday and Thursday

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