About EDTE 061 A

Introduces the principles and practices of place-based education. Students learn to design place-based curriculum and educative materials from an interdisciplinary analysis of specific places. Cross-listed with: NR 061.


Priority registration for students enrolled in PBE certificate. Then open to Degree and CDE students. Cross listed with NR 061A; Meets in Marsh 129

Section Description

This introductory course is designed primarily for undergraduate students participating in the Place-Based Education Certificate Program, a 12-credit course sequence that integrates education, environment, and social justice, and engages students in dialogue, exploration, and critical reflection around a broad framing of place from the perspective of past, present, and future. The course explores the foundational principles necessary to develop effective and equitable place-based learning opportunities and does not presuppose any previous college work in place-based studies. It is co-taught by faculty members from CESS and RSENR so that there is a thoughtful balance of place-based content and effective pedagogy. The course will meet once a week for three hours, and will feature classroom discussions that build on readings and lectures, field trips to local landscapes and educational organizations, presentations by community partners, and individual and group projects.

Section Expectation

This course will combine in-person meetings and field studies.


Student learning in this course will be evaluated through four main assignments: (1) weekly journal reflections on assigned readings, (2) personal mapping and storytelling project, (3) midterm exam, and (4) final place-based project.

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Lafayette Hall L407a (View Campus Map)


to on Wednesday

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