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Understand geological and societal causes of death and destruction by earthquakes, landslides, floods, volcanoes, storms, and avalanches around the world.


CDE students only even after level restrictions are removed; Degree students enroll in GEOL 007 A

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Ever wondered where in the world to live if you want to feel an earthquake? How about finding an erupting volcano? Want to buy a house and make sure it doesn't end up the victim of a landslide? Think science is interesting but were afraid to admit it? Enjoy all those disaster videos on the Discovery Channel but wonder what was really going on? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you. Over 16 weeks of fall semester, we will take a world-wide odyssey examining how the Earth and its inhabitants interact in dangerous ways. You will carry away from this course a basic understanding of how Earth works and how people put themselves in harm's way because they repeatedly fail to appreciate the awesome power of our planet. You will learn why and where earthquakes happen and how the giant waves they trigger destroy entire seaside villages. You will know where to ski to minimize your chances of becoming an avalanche victim. The next time the Cascadia subduction zone lets loose, you'll be able to tell your friends why Seattle is in ruins.

Section Expectation

This is a class about learning and finding out just how much fun and how interesting science can be. We have several simple and straightforward expectations of you as a student in this class: 1. We expect you to respect your classmates and faculty at all times when they voice opinions that may differ from yours. This is a class that may raise emotions. Please respect your peers' feelings. If you cannot conduct yourself respectfully, you will be asked to leave the class. 2. We expect full attendance at every class; attendance will figure into your grade. We expect you to be in your seat before 11:40 and not to leave the class until the period is over at 12:55. Coming to class late and leaving class early are extremely distracting and interfere with others’ ability to learn. 3. We expect you to participate in the class by asking questions, doing in-class exercises, and completing clicker questions. We expect you to participate out of class by doing all assigned readings before class. 4. We expect complete academic honesty. We expect that you will neither give nor receive information on the quizzes and that assignments you hand in are your own work. Violations of this trust and our community will be handled in strictest way possible. Cheating will not be tolerated. In the past, cheating students have failed the class and several have been asked to leave UVM for a semester. 5. We expect you to read this class plan, the class schedule, and the class FAQ carefully and inform yourself about the class, the assignments, and their due dates.


We will use a variety of means to assign grades. Your grade will be based on weekly quizzes, your attendance in class, and three exams. There are no make-ups and there are no extra credit assignments available. Quizzes 15%. Weekly 5-minute quizzes will be given week on Thursdays. Each quiz will include two parts: One part from the reading assigned for the week of the quiz. One part from the week's classes including information from the video and lecture. You will be allowed to drop two quiz grades, either your lowest tow or the zero(s) that result if you miss a quiz(s). There will be no make up quizzes. Plan your travel for semester breaks accordingly. Plan to be in your seats when class starts and stay for the entire class period so as to get all the information you might need and so as not to miss the quiz. You will be allowed to bring one piece of paper into each quiz on which you can write whatever information you deem pertinent to help you answer the quiz questions. The paper must be your own work and may not be shared. Class Attendance 10%. We expect your attendance in all classes. We expect you to stay for the entire class period, not to come in late and not to leave early. Attendance will be determined by clicker questions during class. You will be excused for two missed classes or two clicker malfunctions. Exams 75%. There will be three exams, each worth 25%. They will not be cumulative. They will be short answer exams. The last exam will be during the finals period. Each exam will be 75 minutes long. Any exceptions to the above requirements will only be made with a formal letter from your Deans Office. Excused athletic absences will count as part of the dropped quizzes and drop missed attendances. HINT! Passing this class is simple…come to every class, do every reading, spend the time needed to organize your ideas onto a sheet of paper for each quiz, come to review sessions and study for the exams!

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