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Using Microsoft Excel and Tableau software, students will solve realistic business scenarios in areas related to finance, accounting, production and operations, sales and marketing, producing interactive data visualizations focused on business intelligence. Prerequisites: BSAD 040 or BSAD 141 or CS 021; Business Administration or Computer Science and Information Systems Majors, Business Administration minors; Minimum Junior standing.


Prereqs enforced by system: BSAD 040 or BSAD 141 or CS 021; Minimum Junior standing; BSAD, CSIS Majors, BSAD minors; Open to Degree and CDE students.

Section Description

Goals & Objectives: Business Analysts need to communicate practical implications of quantitative summaries to a variety of audiences. To do this, they need to be comfortable with both the appropriate concepts and the available tools to generate actionable intelligence to support complex data driven decision-making. This course is focused on how to communicate and use business relevant intelligence in systematic, reproducible, logically defensible and meaningful ways. The course will cover the subject matter with a two-pronged approach to combine the art of logical reasoning with the hands on application of software tools available today. Students of this course will learn: 1. Effective data use for analytical insight. 2. About Enterprise Coordination of People, Processes and Data. 3. How analytical leaders operate. 4. How to develop and evaluate SMART goals. In addition to the broad topic areas above, the course will use technical deep dives to introduce students to software technologies & concepts including relational database theory, data warehousing, popular data visualization techniques and emerging technology platforms. These course content technical ‘deep-dives’ will include hands on labs introducing students to sophisticated in-demand software tools like Tableau, SQL, advanced spreadsheet modeling features and more.


The class will have regular in class quizzes, proctored exams and a final project.

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