About ARTS 001 A

Introductory study of visual experience through drawing and its transformation of the three-dimensional visual world onto a two-dimensional surface. Emphasis varies with Instructor.


AHST, ARTE, SART majors, AHST, ARTS, SART minors only; Restrictions to be lifted the Monday following registration; Lab Fee $95; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

Course Description Arts 001 is fundamentally a skills-based class employing multiple strategies of seeing in order to develop ways to translate three-dimensions onto a two-dimensional surface through the use of graphic mediums such as pencil, charcoal, conte crayon, ink and pastel. Concepts of composition, abstraction, decision-making, and inquiry into the nature of what constitutes a drawing are also considered. The notion of drawing “practice” is emphasized through homework sketchbook exercises to re-enforce in-class assignment concepts and strategies.

Section Expectation

Course Learning Objectives The course begins with skill building exercises intent on drawing what you see. Assignments will address understanding of space, composition, proportion and surfaces when constructing the illusion of space onto a two-dimensional surface. The final third addresses broader concepts of subject development, expression, decision-making and critical thinking in the drawing process. Students should be able to demonstrate both understanding and effective application of the instructed strategies while developing skills. Students will also learn critical thinking for assessment of their own work as well as learn considerations of how to articulate critical peer feedback for visual work during critiques.


Grading Criteria/Policies: Grades will be based on the quality of the assigned work including the following: • Visual understanding of instructed concepts & techniques • Originality and risk taking • Critical thinking – evidenced by the ability to rethink and rework visual solutions • Mastery of techniques/materials, and problem awareness • Class participation in discussions and critiques • Dedication to self-directed work.

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