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This completely self-paced online course on Blackboard is based on an affordable and paperback home gardening reference by the instructor-- a total (about 95%) revision of a previous book by Lewis Hill, with basically all new content and layout and full color throughout. Open book tests follow the subjects in the book, and are designed to test and reinforce familiarity with and ability to use the extensive content, and to reinforce key crops, their features, cultural details, and harvest/storage. Intensive familiarity and mastering of the topics are fostered through repeated reviewing and reading of the material, considering relationships, and problem solving. Additional information will be provided through a website, including at more information by the author/instructor than was able to be incorporated into the book. Such bonus knowledge includes extensive variety lists, chapters on propagation and climate, and dozens of unusual fruits. The exercise will extend knowledge of varieties and sources-- a key to fruit growing and often based on sustainability as well as personal preference-- through research online through the extensive listing of links to sources and resources.

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After completing this course, students should easily be able to decide what fruits may be desirable and appropriate to grow on a site, have a good basic knowledge of culture including environmentally responsible control of problems, and to have some familiarity with each fruit and some key varieties whether growing or just buying them in markets.


online tests through blackboard including final exam (tests are open book, untimed), plus crop selection exercises to reinforce and extend knowledge of cultivars of key fruits

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