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Group lessons at the beginning level in Taiko Japanese Drumming. May not be counted toward the Music major or minor. May be taken up to four times for credit.


Open to degree and CDE students

Section Description

Questions: Stuart Paton, 802-999-4255 (text) spaton@uvm.edu Course Description The purpose of the course is to experience Taiko study through an Oral-Aural tradition of instruction. As a group, we will learn to play Matsuri Taiko, Tsubasa (on Naname Dai ), accompaniment rhythms for Taiko, and traditional Yancha parade rhythms from Vermont’s Sister State Tottori Japan. We will use the above compositions as a scaffold for covering the following topics: Taiko stance, grips, kata, palm orientation, joint alignment for efficiency or power, range of motion, initiation of movement from a variety of joints, Koe –the use of voice in Taiko, and an introduction to the direction of Chi in Taiko practice. Covid Protocol willing, there will be field-trips to Burlington Taiko’s Dojo ( 208 Flynn Ave.) , where we will practice with a roomful of Taiko, -including the 56” Ojime. Course Objectives After completing this course the student will be able to use Kuchi Shouga and air-drumming to demonstrate the music that was covered during the Semester. Students will have learned a variety of information and anecdotes about Japanese and North American Taiko, Matsuri and Tsubasa, and be able to join in playing the Yancha parade material with Burlington Taiko in future parades. There will also be an end of Term recital of the music learned.

Section Expectation

Expectations To honor a Japanese oral-aural pedagogy, there will be a lot of vocal and physical repetition of the musical phrases. Students’ active participation in voice and movement is expected. Some Japanese vocabulary will be taught and used by all in the classroom, and group participation will be emphasized. Students’ questions will help guide which branches of Taiko history and craft will be covered. Students will be expected to practice the material between classes, and take turns reciting parts of the music in class. 3 hours per week of your time should be engaged in this course, and would include vocal practice of the music, very slow ‘air-drumming’ of choreography and basic technique, as well as some study of taiko on youtube.


Evaluation Evaluation will be based on class participation, and attendance. Your musical abilities (absent or not) are welcome, but your EFFORTS will be valued! Attendance: The third, and any more missed classes must be made up after consult with the instructor.

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