About ASL 002 OL1

Discusses concepts and principles: advanced vocabulary, grammar patterns, use of space/modulation of signs for time/location. Further explores Deaf Culture. Prerequisites: ASL 001 or CMSI 001 or equivalent.


Open to degree and CDE students. Prereq: ASL 001 or successfull completion of place interview; Synchronous online course.

Section Description

This course is second in a series of courses designed to further development of comprehension and production abilities in American Sign Language (ASL). Lessons are designed around recognition and demonstration of more sophisticated grammatical features of ASL with focus on increasing fluency and accuracy. Deaf communities will be also discussed.

Section Expectation

At the end of this course, the students will able to: a.. Vocabulary Development 1. recognize and produce vocabulary items in each unit. 2. demonstrate comprehensive mastery of targeted vocabulary words drawn from class items, lecture, and videos. b. Grammatical Features 1. Grammatical features of ASL will be utilized in all conversational exchanges and class exercises. The student is encouraged not to think in English. 2. Demonstrate expressive mastery of dialogues and short sentences, narratives and/or stories utilizing ASL grammatical features. 3. Demonstrate the ability to recognize and produce complex ASL sentence structures. c. Conversational and Communication Skills 1. Demonstrate receptive competence for relatively short narratives, stories, and so forth in ASL that are signed by the professor and/or by Deaf users of ASL and fellow classmates. 2. Demonstrate the ability to initiate, conduct and terminate context-specific conversations of medium length with Deaf users of ASL other than the professor. 3. Demonstrate the ability to express self-generated short stories, short narratives and others in ASL. 4. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively by participating in social/cultural Deaf events and then submitting video presentations based on those events. d. Cultural Awareness 1. analyze and critique competing perspectives of diverse Deaf communities in the United States, ideas, aesthetic traditions, and cultural practices, and its history. 2. compare, contrast, and interpret differences and commonalities among Deaf and hearing cultures.


Learning Outcomes Assessment Methods Vocabulary Development e-workbook, video assignments, quizzes, tests, and final exam. Grammatical Features e-workbook, video assignments, quizzes, tests, and final exam. Conversational and Communication Skills Group activities, e-workbook, video assignments, quizzes, tests, and final exam. Cultural Awareness e-workbook, class discussions, and cultural assignments. Course Grading: A+ = 97% and above D+ = 67-69% A = 93-96% D = 63-66% A- = 90-92% D- = 60-63% B+ = 87-89% F = Below 60% B = 83-86% B- = 80-82% C+ = 77-79% C = 73-76% C- = 70-72%

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