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Experiential learning focusing on promotion of healthy behaviors designed to restore, rejuvenate and energize. Topics to be covered include physical activity, stress management, healthy nutrition, sleep hygiene, work/life balance, self-compassion, and practicing gratitude.


CDE students only even after level restrictions removed; Degree students register for HLTH 098 A;

Section Description

In this experiential course students will learn and practice techniques to restore, rejuvenate and energize themselves and others. A whole person perspective will be applied to the practice of health promotion and disease prevention. Students will have the opportunity to practice mindfulness, yoga, culinary medicine, and gratitude. Students will also learn techniques to promote healthy sleep, physical activity, work/life/play balance, and self-compassion. After experiencing the techniques to promote health, students will participate in discussion and reflections on how this activity or experience could be used by them professionally in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. This course is required for completion of the Certificate in Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching.

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Hills Agri Sci 122 (View Campus Map)


to on Wednesday

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