About MATH 019 H

Introduction to limits and differential/integral calculus with a wide variety of applications. Students interested in intensive use of mathematics should take MATH 021. Credit not given for more than one of the courses MATH 019, MATH 021 unless followed by MATH 022. See MATH 023. Prerequisite: MATH 009 or MATH 010, or sufficiently strong background in secondary school algebra and geometry.


Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

Topics Will Include: Polygons, Plane figures, classifying polygons, angles, symmetry and tessellations, area and perimeter, 3D figures, platonic solids, surface area, volume, graphs, data organization, data analysis, probability, counting methods, sequences. Course Goals 1. Students will learn mathematics. Students will also learn a variety of method for math instruction. 2. Students will gain an appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics. 3. Students will increase their mathematical problem solving skills. 4. Students will see how perseverance, creativity, effort and determination are often necessary when learning mathematics, but the rewards are great when a solution is found or a concept in mastered. 5. Students will communicate concepts, ideas and solutions in small and large group situations. 6. Students will have respect for different types of learners and be open to many different types of learning styles. Course goals will be achieved through a variety of learning experiences: Class lectures and discussions In-Class, small group lab activities Tests and Quizzes

Section Expectation

Attend class. If you have to miss class because of a serious, unavoidable reason, find out what information was covered from a friend or using the notes posted on blackboard, and come to the next class informed of the material. Be prepared for class. Complete and turn in assignments on time. Actively participate in class activities and discussions. Put in the effort necessary to learn the math presented in the course.


Homework 15% Quizzes 20% Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Final Exam 25%

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to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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