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Julie Peoples-Clark, Lecturer in Dance jpeoples@uvm.edu Office hours: meeting with instructor by appointment Required materials: Tap shoes COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class is a multi-level tap dance class that focuses on learning and refining basic technique as well as learning intermediate and advanced tap steps. Once students have mastered basic skills and steps, higher- level technique is then incorporated into the understanding and exploration of both tap choreography and history. Through exercises, choreography, and discussions, the course emphasizes not only specific technique, but also polishing one’s own style and finesse. The course will involve significant physical study with additional work including viewing filmed or live dances, discussion, and writing projects. Course Outcomes Demonstrate an understanding of tap terminology and history Clearly execute beginning tap steps and movement phrases Discuss tap dance technique and history, both verbally and in written form Study and discuss historical dance figures and events Understand the role of tap dancing in the musical theatre career COURSE REQUIREMENTS: ACTIVE PARTICIPATION - Active participation is being present in mind and body, a curiosity to learn; being consistent, punctual, motivated and willing to take risks; taking responsibility to listen, apply corrections, and synthesize required readings, writing projects, and performance viewing. Respect for the teacher and fellow students is expected. Attendance: Regular attendance and active participation are required in this course. Please notify instructor if you are beginning this course with any prior health condition that might require you to modify your participation in class. If you sustain an injury during your enrollment in this course, you are required to be present, observe the class, and take notes (paper only). Turn them in at the end of class; otherwise, it will count as an absence. Medical appointment excuses will be handled on a case-by-case basis established by the parties involved. Students are allowed two absences (excused and unexcused) before their grade is affected. After that, every absence drops the active participation final grade down by one letter. Any absence over 6 will result in the failure of the course. Dance Class Expectations: Wear comfortable clothes to move in - avoid jeans, hats, belts, excessive jewelry. - Please do not chew gum. - Except for plastic water bottles, keep food/drink/glass off the dance floor. - Stay active, focused, and on-topic during class – no sitting, checking phones, etc. Class will be dismissed on time by teacher. ASSIGNMENTS: LIVE PERFORMANCE REVIEW Students are required to attend 2 live dance performance/event. Write two to three page review about the show. Include aspects of set design, costume, lighting, movement, and music. In this paper, you will balance your analytical, descriptive and critical voices. Your review must be submitted one week after the show. Tap Research Paper: 2-3 page reflection and research paper discussing the current role and the status of the role of tap dancing in musical theatre and dance today. Midterm Combo Test: Performing movement combinations in small groups, must display clear knowledge of steps and choreography (mid-term) Final Exam: Choreography will be taught on the spot, and then students will perform this choreography. Sometimes as a dancer in a company and/or show, you may be given very little notice before you’re expected to perform, even something you only just learned. Do your best and have fun with it! GRADING 40% Active Participation (including attendance) 20 % Live Performance reviews 10% Refection/research paper 15% Midterm 15% Final

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