About EDHI 376 A

Explores student development theories and research relevant to student learning and personal development; includes the ability to apply theory to improve and inform student affairs and teaching practice.


Open to Graduate and CDE students only

Section Description

The description of this course is written in accordance with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education standards and guidelines for master’s level student affairs professional preparation programs. In this course, we will study first and second wave theories of student development, including identity, psychosocial, faith/spirituality, epistemological/intellectual, and moral development. We will also study third wave theories, including intersectionality, critical race theory, critical feminist and queer theory, indigenous paradigms, and crip theory.

Section Expectation

I strive to create a learning environment that applies critical theory to create inclusive spaces. Critical pedagogy pushes me to not just consider curriculum, philosophies, and teaching approaches, but also the kind of power relationships that are maintained by my decisions, as well as what inequities need to be challenged in the process of making pedagogical decisions. Therefore, from a critical perspective, our learning will involve a process of addressing power, challenging assumptions, creating a space for honest and authentic dialogue, increasing critical reflection and thinking opportunities, and bringing all perspectives to create a more inclusive setting.


Course assignments include weekly reading journals (10 points), a foundation facilitation (20 points), #teach4justice syllabus (30 points), and paper (40 points).

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Mann Hall - Trinity 211 (View Campus Map)


to on Thursday

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