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Introduction to basic film history, theory, and analytical skills. An historical overview of classical international cinema.


Open to Degree and CDE students; Also has screening on Tues

Section Description

Introduction to basic film history, theory, and analytical skills. An historical overview from its early stages through the age of classical cinema to 1945. This course traces the exciting process of innovation and creative refinement that established the techniques, concepts, images, and narrative forms that continue to shape film-making today. We will explore the dynamism of the first fifty years of cinema when film-makers pioneered new visual and dramatic techniques and when the definitive modern act of seeing the world through the camera’s eye took shape. We will trace the development of film from the fantastical early visions of George Méliès through the diverse accomplishments of commercial and avant-garde film of the 20s and 30s (Chaplin, Lang, Hawks, Dreyer, Cocteau…) to the masterful cinematic statements of Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles. The course will cover important genres including the gangster film, film noir, science fiction, the screwball comedy, and horror. Required Textbook: Leo Braudy and Marshall Cohen, eds., Film Theory and Criticism (8th Edition), Oxford UP, 2016 ISBN 978-0199376896

Section Expectation

Reading: We will support our viewings with a useful set of readings on film history, theory, and analysis, and we will apply concepts by creating short films modeled on what we have seen. Screenings: Attend weekly screening. Though the screening time for the course is set for three hours, the films that we will watch will be less than two hours long, so the screening time not be as long as listed. (see evaluation for additional details)


-Small group film and production projects [Examples: recreating one of the 1 minute Lumiere Brothers films or storyboarding a scene from Citizen Kane] -3 exams with short in-class section and a take-home essay. -Periodic quizzes and screening notes.

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to on Tuesday and Thursday



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to on Tuesday

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