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Evaluation of the impact of plants on the aesthetic, cultural, social, medical, and religious lives of peoples of the world. Botany and Biological Science majors will not receive credit for PBIO 006 as part of program distribution requirements.


Open to Degree and CDE students

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! This fully online three-credit course is designed for students whose main interests are outside of the life sciences. Our goal in PBIO 006 is to introduce to you the fascinating world of plants, which are, as you know, the basis of our planet’s life support system. Understanding their use is fundamental to understanding human civilization. This course is taught by two instructors, Dr. Cathy Paris and Dr. Michael Sundue, both of whom have expertise in plant diversity and evolution. The course is delivered in three modules: Basic Plant Biology, Plants and Human Affairs, and Plants and the Environment.

Section Expectation

The link above will take you to last year's course syllabus. While this year's course will doubtless be different in some ways, topics covered in the course, the delivery method, grading, and assignments will be largely the same. We plan to have a few meetings, via Teams (UVM's version of Zoom), in real time.


Your final grade will be calculated as follows: Two hourly exams (40%); Cumulative final exam (35%); Biweekly quizzes (20%); 'Plants in the News' blog posts (5%)

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