About BSAD 101 A

Introduces non-business majors to the fundamentals of accounting, finance, marketing, operations, management, strategy. May be used by Business Administration minors to fulfill three credits of upper-level Business Administration electives. Prerequisites: Non-Business Administration major, EC 011 or EC 012 with a minimum grade of C-.


Open to all majors and class standings; Prereqs enforced by the system: EC 011 or EC 012 (or by permission); For permission email gsbcss@uvm.edu; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

This course is about business in the context of our global society. It introduces students to a variety of concepts through reading, class discussions, and conversations with guest speakers. Students will be encouraged to use course material to be self-aware and mindful about how businesses are formed, led, and managed. Students will be encouraged to be better consumers, business owners, and employees. It will also encourage continuous self-improvement in their leadership, teamwork, communications, and interpersonal skills. This course is experiential and interactive. Real case examples will be presented. Students will be encouraged to read the news and stay abreast of changes in the business environment which directly apply to classroom topics. Classes will include exercises, paired discussions, and experiential exercises. The capstone of experiential learning occurs through students working in teams in which they apply course material from all the units to create a board game that explains business. By creating a saleable product for a specific target audience, students will learn how to craft an idea, bring it to fruition, develop a plan, pitch their product, make a prototype, and obtain consumer feedback.

Section Expectation

Students are expected to attend class, work effectively in groups, and participate in class discussions about business topics based on reading chapters in the textbook each week.


Class attendance is important for this course in order to do well. You'll have an opportunity to discuss current business events with your classmates via discussion board posts. Students will be assigned to teams to work on a final project of developing a board game for a target market and will develop an infomercial to market the project.

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to on Monday and Wednesday

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