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About BSAD 025 B

Focus on the basics of strategic management to understand business choices and the sustainability of business organizations and their stakeholders. Prerequisites: EC 011 with a minimum grade of C-, EC 012 with a minimum grade of C-; MATH 019 or MATH 021 with a minimum grade of C-; Business Administration major or minor; minimum Sophomore standing.


Prereqs enforced by the system: EC 011, EC 012, MATH 019 or MATH 21 with a minimum grade of C-; Minimum Sophomore Standing; BSAD majors or BSAD minors only; Required course fee of $54; Common Exam: 10/14 in ML SCI 235 Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

Note that all sections of BSAD025 follow the same syllabi. This description is based on the fall 2020 course and is subject to change. BSAD 025 exposes students to the macro environment that affects all business organizations. Students gain an understanding of the basics of innovation and business strategy. BSAD 025 is designed to expose you to the basic issues that influence the competitive behavior and performance of entire organizations. Additionally, students will see how each functional area of business (e.g., accounting, finance, marketing, operations, etc.) interrelate to form a firm’s overall strategy. By the end of the semester, students will understand why they take more narrowly focused functional area courses in their junior year. During the semester students will also learn about the role of businesses as economic entities and their interaction with society, government and the environment. Throughout the semester we will explore issues that affect the sustainability of both the business enterprise and their stakeholders. Upon completing this course, the engaged student should be able to: 1) understand basic issues that influence the behavior and performance of business 2) understand basic theories, frameworks, and tools utilized in strategic management 3) integrate the various functional areas of business 4) work in teams to develop and implement a strategy in a business simulation 5) react to real time changes in the marketplace 6) take on the role of an executive (CEO, Vice President Marketing, etc.) 7) articulate how business helps meet the needs and wants of society 8) understand the basic role of government in a market economy

Section Expectation

The course will be a mix of lecture, discussion, presentation, and simulation. Course materials include articles, cases, and simulation material. This class consists of two essential parts: knowing and doing. The "knowing" part involves using readings and discussions to learn the basic concepts of strategic management and the basic role of business in society. The "doing" part involves your participation in Capstone Foundation, a whole-enterprise computer-based simulation. The simulation provides you with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience running a business. You and the rest of your top management team will develop business strategies as well as manage your company's R&D, production, marketing, and financial operations. The ultimate goals: optimize organizational performance, learn, outperform your competitors, and have fun while learning.


Grade Components May Include (from fall 2020, may be revised) Individual Components Course Day Quizzes 10% Quiz on Simulation Rules & Parameters 5% Post-Up Assignments (best 7 individual & 2 team) 10% Exam #1 20% Exam #2 (final exam) 30% Team Components Simulation Performance 25% Participation & Contribution Not formally weighted

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