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This course introduces students to various yoga poses and techniques, delves into the history of yoga, and provides students with the understanding of how yoga improves one's overall wellness.


PEAC Fee $90.00; Open to Degree and CDE students

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I want you to look at this class as a vacation from the rest of life, allowing you time to reset the day, connect to the body, and calm the mind. Through the yoga and mindfulness practices in class you will take time to let go of life stresses and learn simple tools you can use to create and maintain a more positive, healthy life. This class offers you tools to use to make your academic life, social life, and life beyond school more enjoyable and stress-free.

Section Expectation

There is no expectations in terms of previous yoga and/or mindfulness practices. Students should come dressed to practice yoga and be willing to practice each class, as well as bring your own mat. Most classes will have a meditation practice. Expectations are that you will participate in the physical activities, meditations, and discussions to the best of your ability in each class.


Evaluation is on your attendance and and your participate the classroom activities. We will also have homework/journaling assignments to practice what we do in class, which in general will take around 20 minutes/day.

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Patrick Gym 217 (View Campus Map)


to on Tuesday and Thursday

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