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This course will explore food science via the production of beer and other fermented beverages. Students will also identify mechanisms to modify their drinking habits.


Open to Degree and CDE students

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This course is designed to utilize the process of making beer to engage students in making decisions on the foods they consume. The course will address topics including the world history and beer, historical issues of beer in the United States, the process of beer making, the ingredients which go into beer, a beer judge’s perspective of beer, and if time allows the production of apple based fermented products.

Section Expectation

Generally speaking I utilize a question and answer format in class. You are expected to be present and to contribute your personal knowledge when called on. My goal is to increase your knowledge and to allow you to apply your knowledge to the production of a food product. I understand that there are many different majors represented in the course and that not everyone has the same knowledge base. Students are empowered to ask questions about ideas and terms with which they are not familiar.


The grading for the course is based on a number of semester exams and attendance. Exams are typically in the form of multiple choice or True/False questions which can utilize Scantron forms for grading. Extra credit is available in the form of community service and questions on exams .

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Billings - Ira Allen Lh (View Campus Map)


to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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