About CS 064 A

Introduction to analytic and formal methods of computer science with practical examples, including analysis or data structures, recursion relations, proof methods, and logic programming. Credit not given for more than one of CS 064, MATH 052 or MATH 054. Prerequisites: CS 020 or CS 021 or CS 110; MATH 021 or MATH 023.


Prereqs enforced by the system: CS 020 or 021 or 110 and MATH 021 or 023; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

The purpose of this course is to provide you with foundational tools needed for further work in the field of computer science. These tools range from the rules of logic and language of sets and functions to proof techniques and the concept of recursion.

Section Expectation

This course will be lecture-based with discussions interspersed. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours per week on coursework outside of class, with additional time for the presentation/paper. There will be a required textbook.


Grades are based on discussion participation, weekly problem sets, a midterm, and afinal exam.

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Cohen Hall 119 (View Campus Map)


to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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