About PSS 010 OL1

Planning, selecting, and maintaining shrubs, trees, flowers, lawns, fruits, and vegetables around the home. Suitable for students in any major.


Open to Degree and CDE students; This is a remote/synchronous online course; PLEASE NOTE: An optional in-person lab, PSS 015, is available; The optional lab does not meet the lab science requirement for CAS majors.

Section Description

To provide students with basic horticultural knowledge to enable them to have a better understanding of the care and use of plants in and around the home, including ornamentals, vegetables, turf grass and home garden fruit plants. If you want a very practical course that you can use the knowledge you gain from it immediately, then this is the course for you! The format will be on-line with 2 recorded lectures released each week. This lecture method avoids technical issues that can arise when the lectures are presented live via Teams. Based on reviews from students who took this course last year, they really enjoyed the flexibility in when they were able to view the lectures. On Thursdays, we will have a “Question and Answer” session on the material presented in the lectures for that week. The Q & A sessions will be live using Teams. Exams will be offered ONLY DURING THE SCHEDULED CLASS TIME.

Section Expectation

After taking this course, students will be able to properly manage ornamental and edible plants in the home landscape (indoors and out). This will include proper watering, fertilizing, pest management, and plant selection. Soils, soil amendments and composting will also be presented. Additionally, students will learn how to propagate a variety of plants through seeds, cuttings, layering and grafting.


Your grade for the course will be determined by 3 multiple choice exams and 12 weekly multiple choice quizzes. The exams will be worth 25% each for a total of 75% of your grade and the weekly quizzes will total 25% of your final grade. The lowest 2 quiz scores will be dropped. I do NOT offer extra credit to individual students solely to improve a grade. All exams and most of the quizzes will use Blackboard with Respondus web browser with monitor.

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