About MU 014 OL1

A study of the culture and history of Latin America and the Caribbean through music. Explores and compares traditional, classical, and popular genres from the pre-conquest to the present with particular attention to Indigenous, African, and European roots.


Dates: May 24 - July 2, 2021

Section Description

Ever wonder about the roots of reggae or reggaeton? The origins of hip hop? The source of salsa dance music? This course will answer these questions and more while exploring the music, culture, and history of Latin America and the Caribbean from the pre-conquest to the present. Basic ethnomusicological theory will aid in the recognition and appreciation of the cultural, historical, and political dynamics underlying different musical practices. Some of the many genres explored: Mexican rock and mariachi, Cuban rumba and popular dance music, reggae and reggaeton, Brazilian samba and capoeira, tango and rock nacional from Argentina, sacred classical music and Haitian vodun, Colombian cumbia and Andean huayno, and many more. MU 014 satisfies the D2 as well as either a HUMANITIES or FINE ARTS requirement.

Section Expectation

No prior musical training is necessary. A series of readings, recorded lectures and music videos, on-line quizzes and interactive exercises will be completed each week.


On-line quizzes which can be repeated for a higher grade, and several short assignments. No midterm or final exam.

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