About ASL 120 OL1

Provides students a comprehensive orientation to Deaf communities as linguistic and cultural minorities. Students will explore various aspects of American Deaf culture.


Dates: May 24 - June 18, 2021. Course meets Online - Asynchronous.

Section Description

This course is designed to engage students into the ‘Deaf World’ by exploring various aspects of American Deaf Culture including values, beliefs, norms, identities, traditions, arts, communities, and language. Students will also examine internal and external factors that affect Deaf communities through social, cultural, and political lenses. This course contains lecture, interactive class discussion, community engagement, and critical analyses. This course will be conducted in Spoken English.

Section Expectation

This is an online class. All of the class interactions will take place within the Blackboard course and any of the software and tools utilized or linked within the course. You will be expected to log into the course on a regular basis and keep up with assignments and the other students in the course as it is not a sel-fpaced course. Given that this course is a 3-credit course, students are expected to do at least 33 hours of course-related work each week of the 4-week session. This includes work done completing assigned readings, accessing course materials, preparing written assignments, engaging in class discussion, participating in Q & A sessions, group reviews, and other course-related tasks.


Graded Works 1. Knowledge Application/Critical Analysis Essays (4) – 50 points each 2. Group Review – 10 points 3. Individual Presentation (Video) – 50 points 4. Participation (YellowDig) - 20 points

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Online (View Campus Map)

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