About NR 095 WC1

Introductory topics in environmental and natural resource issues beyond the scope of exiting courses.


Winter Session Course; Dates: Jan 4 - Jan 29, 2021; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

The last decade has seen a substantial increase in the polarization of US society around nearly every major topic that is in the news today. This polarization has eroded many of the skills necessary to engage in constructive conversations that can help us understand the perspectives of people with different viewpoints and engage with one another in nuanced and constructive ways. This course is an opportunity for first-year and transfer students to learn about these issues broadly and to build good working relationships with their peers. In NR 095, we will cover advising resources at RSENR and UVM, as well as begin to explore complex environment and natural resource issues as a means to develop important skills that will enable you to engage in these critical conversations.

Section Expectation

Objectives Students will get to know each other through conversations such as adjusting to college, academic advising, personal growth and development students will be able to use critical reflection to develop a deeper understanding of challenging environmental issues Students will engage in dialogue as a tool to understand and empathize with diverse perspective on environment and natural resource issues Students will develop skills and a community that will enable them to discuss more challenging environment and natural resources (NR 006 in the Spring semester), particularly as these relate to race, equity, and inclusion in the field.


Students will be evaluated by attendance, participation, in-class activities, and short reflective essays. The course will be remote/online.

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to on Tuesday and Thursday

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