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An evolutionary perspective to exploring biology. Topics include: patterns of inheritance, Darwinian evolution, evolution of biodiversity, ecology of organisms, human effects on biological systems. Credit not given for both BCOR 012 and BIOL 002.


Recommended: CHEM 32; Must register for a BCOR 012 lab. Trouble registering? Please contact Laura.A.Newman@uvm.edu. Post Bac Pre Med only even after level restrictions removed; Degree students register for BCOR 012 F.

Section Description

BCOR 12 is the second semester introductory biology course for life science majors, focusing on ecology, evolution, and diversity. It will cover topics in the mechanisms of Mendelian genetics, Darwinian evolution, the history and diversity of life, ecological relationships among organisms, and conservation biology.

Section Expectation

This course's lectures are mixed modality - one day a week students will sit in a 16-capacity classroom, and the other two days per week will attend lecture remotely. Weekly laboratory exercises involve group and individual work. Students should expect to spend 2-4 hours per week on coursework outside of class, with additional time for exam preparation. We will use the same textbook as BCOR 11.


Grade assessment consists of six mid-term tests, weekly homework, in-class participation, and laboratory assignments. The laboratory component counts for about a quarter of the total points, and students must pass both lecture and lab to pass the course.

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James M Jeffords Hall 110 (View Campus Map)


to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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