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Courses introducing philosophical argument and analysis in a variety of ways. Topics vary by offering; periodic offering at intervals that may exceed four years.


Credit not awarded for more than one PHIL course below 100 except PHIL 013; CDE students only even after level restrictions are removed; Degree students enroll in PHIL 010 G; Total combined enrollment = 60

Section Description

This introductory philosophy course aims to familiarize the students with some of the central issues in philosophy, and to foster philosophical skills that are important also outside of philosophy, including the ability to think critically and creatively, and the ability to identify, reconstruct and evaluate arguments found in the texts and in discourse. The course is not devoted to one area of philosophy, but addresses issues concerning knowledge (epistemology), reality (metaphysics), and ethics. In the first part of the course, we focus on questions about knowledge and reality, and discuss issues such as relativism (Is truth relative to the individual?) and knowledge (What does it take to know something?). In the second part of the course, we focus on ethical issues. We discuss the major ethical theories, as well as some hotly disputed issues in environmental ethics and feminism.

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