About PHIL 010 ZRB

Courses introducing philosophical argument and analysis in a variety of ways. Topics vary by offering; periodic offering at intervals that may exceed four years.


Credit not awarded for more than one PHIL course below 100 except PHIL 013; CDE students only even after level restrictions are removed; Degree students enroll in PHIL 010 B; Total combined enrollment = 60

Section Description

The aim of the course is to introduce you to two traditions of philosophy, namely the Anglo-American tradition and the Chinese tradition of philosophy. Through the examination of some of the fundamental issues arising from these two traditions, I hope to help you develop the philosophical skills of critical thinking, logical reasoning, rational discussion as well as attain a comparative perspective on certain important philosophical questions. The approach will be topical and comparative, i.e. focusing on particular issues rather than on individual philosophers or history of ideas, and examining various views from the two traditions on each specific issue. The topics covered will be: 1. Knowledge 2. Ethics 3. Religion

Section Expectation

1. Two Examinations: The first one is in-class exam. The second one is to be held according to the university schedule of exams. Each exam is about an hour. (None of the exam is cumulative). 2. One 7-pages paper. 3. Class participation and required reading


The exams and paper each carries an equal weight of 33.3% of the final grade. Absence for 2/3 or more of the classes that I have taken random attendance will disqualify you from taking the final test. Active class participation will affect your grade positively, especially for the borderline case. The determination of the participation grade is at my discretion. Some considerations will also be given to signs of consistent and significant improvement.

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to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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