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Fundamentals and design of sustainable systems for water supply, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, soil and groundwater remediation; energy and resource recovery; project-based. Prerequisite: CE 132 with a grade of C- or better.


Prereq enforced by the system: CE 132 with grade of C- or better; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

Water is essential to all life that we know of. Engineers intervene at several stages throughout the water cycle to divert water for human activity, treat water to make it suitable for human consumption, and clean wastewater before it is returned to the environment. This course will focus on the treatment and supply of safe drinking water and the recovery of water and other resources from wastewater before water is returned to the natural environment. Specific topics include (1) drinking water supply; (2) drinking water treatment processes; (3) drinking water distribution; (4) wastewater collection systems; (5) wastewater treatment processes; and (6) residuals management for wastewater and drinking water treatment. This course will also explore environmental and social justice impacts engineers can have in making decisions related to water and wastewater treatment. Physical, chemical, and biological processes will be discussed.

Section Expectation

My expectations of your are: (1) you will attend class; (2) you will be a constructive group member; (3) you will try your best; and (4) you will ask questions of me and your peers. My expectations of me are: (1) to explain topics and expectations clearly; (2) to answer questions in a timely manner; (3) to facilitate productive groups that benefit student learning; and (4) to meet students where they are and re-teach fundamental concepts that have not yet been mastered.


Grading in this course will be based on quizzes (30%), problem sets (25%), a group-based comprehensive project (40%), and professionalism (5%).

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