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Provides a broad introduction to the field of biochemistry. Students will explore the molecular basis and chemical principles of biochemistry pertinent to living systems. This course is taught by LCOM faculty and emphasizes the relevance of biochemistry to health, disease, physiology and medicine. Prerequisites: CHEM 026, CHEM 042, CHEM 048, CHEM 142, or equivalent; BIOL 002, BCOR 012, BCOR 103, or equivalent.


CDE students only even after level restrictions removed; Degree students register for BIOC 201 A

Section Description

Fundamentals of Biochemistry offers a comprehensive and rigorous survey of general biochemistry with emphasis on the human system, although contrasts with and examples from prokaryotic systems are also used to illustrate certain principles.

Section Expectation

Students in this course must be able to integrate and apply principles of general and organic chemistry, general and cell biology, and genetics to develop a working knowledge of biochemistry. Adequate preparation in these subjects is assessed in a mandatory but non-graded proficiency test. Students should gain a thorough knowledge of the structure and function of the major classes of biological molecules and macromolecules—carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids, of major metabolic pathways involved in energy production and biosynthesis, of biochemical processes underlying the maintenance and inheritance of genetic information, and of the integration and regulation of cellular processes.


Student grades are determined by a combination of exams, quizzes, written worksheets and reports, and participation in active learning exercises. Generally we have 4 exams, 6 quizzes, 9 worksheets and reports, and 8 flipped classroom active learning exercises.

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