About BSAD 183 A

Theories and practices of international financial management examined. Topics investigated include: systems of international exchange, spot and forward markets, and expropriation and exchange risk. Prerequisites: BSAD 180; Minimum Junior standing; Business Administration major or minor.


Prereqs enforced by the system: BSAD 180; BSAD or CSIS majors; BSAD minors; Minimum Junior standing; Required course specific fee of $25; Open to Degree and CDE students.

Section Description

This course introduces theories and practices of international financial management and international investing. Major topics include foreign exchange market, balance of payments, exchange rate determination, foreign exchange exposure and management, international portfolio management, foreign direct investment, and foreign exchange derivatives. The purposes of this course are to provide you with an understanding of analytical tools in an international setting.

Section Expectation

At the end of this course, students should be able to: 1. Understand how the international monetary system works. 2. Interpret balance of payments. 3. Understand the market structure of foreign exchange. 4. Articulate international parity relationships. 5. Use and price derivatives for hedging foreign exchange risk. 6. Manage transaction exposures. 7. Manage economic exposures. 8. Formulate and manage an international portfolio of stocks and/or bonds. 9. Understand political/country risk.


There will be one interim exam and a final exam, each worth 35% of your grade. There will be an individual research (IR) project, which worth 15% of your grade. 15% of your grade is based on quizzes/attendance, mini-cases, assignments, and other projects. For the two exams, the students are allowed to use financial and engineering calculators.

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