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Change processes and models, the dynamics of change within the organization, and external factors affecting change. Prerequisite: Twelve hours of Graduate study.


Cross listed with PA 302 A Organizational Theory & Behavior; Weekly class sessions will primarily utilize synchronous meeting times on Thursdays from 4:30-7:30pm. Course instruction will employ limited use of asynchronous class sessions, but mainly in support of small group work and independent projects. Please review the expanded section description for additional information, or contact Kieran.Killeen@uvm.edu The course is open to all CDE and degree students.

Section Description

EDLP 310 is an introductory seminar about organizations, and the leadership of organizational change. This is offered as a first course in organizational studies and requires no formal background in organizational theory, behavior or change. This seminar offers two main strengths. The course presents a thorough perspective of organizational life within and outside the organization. Organizational structures, culture, human resource and political lenses are used extensively. These lenses are drawn from the rich academic history of organizations from fields like sociology, political science and business. These lenses stress an internal perspective of organizations, one that promotes the importance of leaders, the division of labor, and related structures over external forces of change. The seminar also provides a rich background in institutional perspectives. We focus mainly on the variety of ways that societal institutions strike organizations, constrain and enable their behavior. Institutions include formal conceptions like rules and laws, as well as professional mandates and taken-for-granted assumptions about proper organizational behavior. A second area of strength and focus of this course is its emphasis on the leadership of organizational change. Following the detailed study of organizations, students will learn key aspects of organizational change including components of design thinking, communication for consensus building, teaming and change management. Case analysis will be drawn from a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and wide latitude is given to students to select organizations for further analysis. Designed as a small graduate seminar, emphasis is placed on substantial professional collaboration both inside and outside of class. Work assignments include seminar discussions, conducting a detailed organizational analysis, and the construction of an organizational change management plan.

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