About NR 021 WC1

Course aids students in learning to speak, listen and critique public speaking. Different delivery styles focus on relevant environmental and natural resource topics.


Winter Session course; Dates: Jan 4 - Jan 29, 2021; RSENR students only; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

I. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to aid you in learning to speak both confidently and effectively in public. It helps you to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. The course also covers other related communications skills such as; topic organization, effective listening and constructive critiquing. This course is focused on the practicum - for both speaker and audience. Communication theory is addressed and integrated into feedback, critiquing, video discussions, and assigned readings. PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS: Formal Speeches: 1) Self-Introductory; 
2) Informative or Persuasive (w/ a partner); 3) Inspirational.

Section Expectation

OBJECTIVES 1) Learn basic techniques for successful public speaking; 2) Gain ease and confidence in speaking to others; 3) Convey knowledge, ideas, opinions to others; others; 4) Become aware of the power of spoken language; and, 5) Establish a personal regimen for breathing and voice/diction exercises.


Evaluation for grading is based on both Objective and Subjective criteria. A rubric and further detail can be had by contacting the instructor, Ronni Lopez at olopez@uvm.edu or call at 802-355-4015

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to on Monday and Wednesday

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