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Introduction to contemporary art practice in various media. Explores method and meaning in art making, the role of experimentation, and the translation of experience into artwork.


$150 Lab Fee; AHST, ARTE, FTS, SART Majors; AHST, ARTS, FTS Minors; Open to Degree and CDE students. Restrictions to be lifted the Monday following Registration

Section Description

Perspectives on Making is an introduction to contemporary art practice. We will explore the making, presenting and analyzing of art works in a variety of media and formats. This may include: drawing, three-dimensional construction, collage, photography, digital arts, and painting. The work produced within this class demonstrates how hands-on creation, talking, and looking are integral to making. Basic skills essential to upper level department offerings will be covered. Students will be given an introduction to our wood facilities which we use during the semester. However, this semester, all projects will also be able to be fabricated out of non shop-based materials for students who are working from home. Part of the course structure will include critiques in which students will be asked to discuss each other’s projects in conjunction with presenting their own work. This class will be taught remotely. However, it is a very hands-on class. Students will be expected to create finished projects, document and present them during Teams meetings. The class will be synchronous and will meet on Teams during our regularly scheduled class periods.

Section Expectation

Students should be invested in approaching the ideas and methods that are inherent to making artwork. No prior experience in art making is required. This is a foundation level class, and basic skills essential to upper level department offerings will be covered. The lab fee for the class covers most of the materials we will be using. This semester, we will be putting together kits for students so that everyone can have the supplies needed to fabricate projects for the class. Students who are working from home can request a kit be mailed to them in January. The lab fee covers the cost of the materials in the kit; there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of shipping.


Evaluation: Completion of assigned projects, involvement in hands on training and fabrication, participation in synchronous critiques and meetings

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