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Continuation of Biochemistry I. Biochemistry of nucleic acids; nucleic acid based processes, such as replication and transcription; cellular information transfer, genomics, and proteomics. Prerequisite: BIOC 205, CHEM 205, or MMG 205. Cross-listed with: CHEM 206, MMG 206.


Prereqs enforced by the system: BIOC 205, or CHEM 205 or MMG 205; CDE students only even after level restrictions removed; Degree students register for BIOC 206 A; Cross listed w/ CHEM 206 A & MMG 206 A

Section Description

Biochemistry II is the second part of a two semester Biochemistry survey course for those students for whom Biochemistry is their major. The course is divided thematically into two parts. The first half of the course completes the survey of intermediary metabolism that began in the first semester, covering the biochemistry of fats, carbohydrates, and the important cellular components derived from them. Additional topics include nucleotide metabolism, integration of metabolic pathways, and introduction to select topics in hormonal regulation. The second half of the course takes a biochemical view of the transmission of information within and between cells, including signal transduction and the genetic processes of replication, transcription, and translation.

Section Expectation

Students in this course should gain a thorough knowledge of the major metabolic pathways involved in energy production and biosynthesis, of biochemical processes underlying the maintenance and inheritance of genetic information, and of the integration and regulation of these cellular processes.


Your grade is determined from a combination of quizzes, exams, and group project work that features an in-class presentation and a writing assignment associated with the project. In a typical year, we have 6-8 quizzes and four exams in a semester.

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to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday



Given C C443 (View Campus Map)


to on Thursday

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