About ARTS 113 A

Investigation of surfaces and three-dimensional forms. Focus on variety of construction methods, surface treatment, and firing techniques. Related clay and glaze technology. Prerequisite: ARTS 012.


$55 Lab Fee; Open to Degree and CDE students. Prereqs enforced by the system: ARTS 012; SART, AHST, ARTE Majors; ARTS, AHST Minors only; Restrictions to be lifted the Monday following Registration

Section Description

“Why should we not be able to do what others have done before us? The answer must be that art is created not by human wisdom or intellect, but by human character as is shaped by the times.” - Kitaoji Rosanjin The intension of this course is to establish a technical and intuitive understanding of the nature of clay and glazes as it pertains to sculptural hand building. Various projects are assigned to develop sufficient command of the hand building process through consistent practice whereby challenging forms may be executed with skill and confidence and process becomes secondary to personal expression. Each project requires thoughtful planning and sketching for the desired form to be conceptualized and brought to fruition successfully. Students should expect to work independently in addition to scheduled class time. Group Critiques are conducted at the completion of each project where an objective, supportive atmosphere encourages analytical and synthetic thinking in an open forum. Students will be evaluated on punctual and consistent class participation, strong work ethic, and successfully completed work carried out in a timely, professional manner.

Section Expectation

It is important I see you weekly to monitor your process and progress. Any technical problems you are encountering or questions you might have can be addressed during class time. Due to the nature of clay and drying issues, IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU COME INTO THE STUDIO AND WORK OUTSIDE OF CLASS TIME. For every (2) hours you spend with me in class, you are expected to spend at least (2) hours in the studio on your own, refining your technique and exploring different approaches to work. You should expect to spend at least (4) hours a week in the studio working independently and with your fellow students. The time you spend in the studio is directly related to the success of your work.


Grades are based on class participation, dedication towards self directed work, mastery of technique, respect for a clean studio, and your work assignments (projects) including group participation during critiques. Much weight is placed on full, consistent class attendance, strong work ethic, problem solving, and seeing your work through from start to finish. The amount of time and effort you focus towards your work will directly impact your final grade. 80% of your grade = Completion of Assigned Projects 20% of your grade = Consistent and Focused Studio and Class Participation.

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