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Analysis of statically determinate beams, frames, and trusses; expected loads, reactions; influence lines; moving loads; geometric methods for displacement calculations; introduction to matrix analysis for trusses. Prerequisites: CS 020 or CS 021. Co-requisites: MATH 122 or MATH 124 and MATH 271; CE 100 or ME 014.


Prereqs enforced by the system: CS 020 or CS 021; Coreqs: MATH 122 or MATH 124, MATH 271, CE 100 or ME 014; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

The inherent strength and stiffness possessed by solids, which allows stable forms to exist is their structure. Some structures arise in nature; while others, are engineered by humans. The objective of this course is to provide the conceptual framework that enables a rational understanding of structural forms and the analytical tools necessary to analyze structures subject to stresses and strains within the linear-elastic range of the constitutive material.

Section Expectation

1. Present fundamental theory of structures. Equilibrium-Compatibility-Constitutive laws. 2. Provide tools for modeling structural systems subject to loading and environmental effects. 3. Develop expertise in analyzing statically determinate structural systems; this includes computation of reactions, internal forces, stresses and deformations using analytical and graphical methods. 4. Introduce analytical methods of solutions for statically indeterminate structures.


Assignments 30% Projects 25% Final Exam 25% Reading Assignment 20%

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