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Focus on theoretical questions of how societies understand disability and its consequences for social justice, by examining the multiple determinants of the societal construction of disability. Prerequisite: One of the following: EDSP 117, CSD 101, ASL 195, Graduate standing, or by Instructor permission. Cross-listed with: CSD 274.


Junior, senior or graduate standing; Open to Degree and CDE students; Cross listed with CSD 274 A; Total combined enrollment: 30

Section Description

Students enrolled in this course will use readings, lectures, films, writing, group discussions, and research and/or service learning in the community to examine the social and cultural experience of disability in different times and cultures. As an introduction to Disability Studies, topics covered will include: • The influence of cultural beliefs relating to disability on individuals, families, disability law, and social policy in the United States and other countries; • Responses to disability reflected in first person narratives, media, academic and professional discourse and practice, film, art and literature; • Examining disability across the lifespan. Implications for education, health care and social services;The role of different self-help and social change movements in the broader disability rights movement; and • The historical and cultural foundations of disability-related policies and practices in education, health care, and community development.

Section Expectation

Required readings and active classroom discussions are essential to this course.


Class Participation = 20% Reading/ Lecture Logs= 30% Group Project on Disability Narratives= 20% Final Project= 30%

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