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Introductory study of visual experience through drawing and its transformation of the three-dimensional visual world onto a two-dimensional surface. Emphasis varies with Instructor.


$95 Lab Fee; SART, AHST, ARTE Majors; ARTS, AHST Minors only; Restrictions to be lifted the Monday following Registration; Open to Degree and CDE students.

Section Description

Drawing is a means of visual communication with its own language and personal logic. It is a record of one’s conscious and unconscious thoughts - our inner technology. Having the prerequisite of being born with talent in order to be successful at drawing is a myth. Anyone can learn to draw with proper guidance and self-motivation. “Drawing or the making of meaningful marks, is a universal pursuit of the human spirit and thus in a variety of forms transcends geographic borders, continents and cultures to become the closest thing we have to a universal language.” Howard J. Smagula, Creative Drawing In this course students will explore drawing as a tool to render what is seen in their visual world as well as a means of expression. Through careful analysis students will study nature, the figure and inanimate objects using a wide range of drawing materials. There will be a mandatory museum or gallery visit.

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