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Introduction to use of accounting for planning, cost behavior, budgeting, analysis, and decision making. Prerequisites: BSAD 060 with a minimum grade of C-; Business Administration, Engineering Management, Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Sciences, Computer Science & Information Systems major, Business Administration, Accounting minor; minimum Sophomore standing.


Prereqs enforced by system: BSAD 060; BSAD, CSIS, EMGT majors; ACCT and BSAD minors; Minimum Sophomore standing; Required course specific fee of $25; Open to Degree and CDE Students.

Section Description

This course surveys accounting for products/services and analytical tools for managerial decision making, planning, and control. Specific objectives include: identifying cost objects and classifying costs as direct or indirect with respect to cost objects chosen; computing manufacturing costs, cost of goods manufactured, cost of goods available for sale, and cost of goods sold; identifying when a product/service cost is reflected in the income statement; distinguishing between fixed and variable costs using various cost estimation methods; determining the activity level required for achieving a desired target profit; preparing various operating budgets; explaining how accounting information is used in subunit and managerial performance evaluations; and utilizing relevant information in short-term and long-term business decisions.

Section Expectation

Due to COVID, this course employs a mixed mode format: half of the students in-person and the other half remote, alternating each class day. Class time will be devoted to a discussion of the outlines and examples contained in the Class Notes. The Class Notes will be available on Blackboard. You must print out the Class Notes so you can use them to take notes each class day. A textbook (TBD) will also be assigned as required reading. One week before classes begin I will email enrolled students information to purchase the text online. One hundred percent class attendance is expected and vital for student understanding.


Course performance is evaluated by three exams (25% each) and homework (25%). Grades follow a conventional 10-point scale with pluses and minuses given (e.g., 80 < B- < 83, 83 < B < 87, 87 < B+ < 90). Exam grades may be “curved” using the distribution of class scores. Exams will be given in the evening (location and time will be specified in the syllabus).

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Kalkin Building 007 (View Campus Map)


to on Tuesday and Thursday

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