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Designed to cover selected educational problems in depth. The major emphasis will be on intensive and critical analysis of the literature and practice in a given area.


Dates: July 13-August 7, 2020; Online; Synchronous 2-hour meetings Mondays & Thursdays (timing TBD) and asynchronous assignments; Program contact: Jen Cirillo, jcirillo@shelburnefarms.org 802-985-0315; Instructor permission required

Section Description

For those who already have a strong foundation in Education for Sustainability and wish to dive deeply into their education for sustainability work. Our month-long program will provide you with the opportunity to reflect, learn, and collaborate with a group of colleagues from across the country. The Immersion blends a design studio feel with self-directed learning. Each module will explore a different essential question: Module 1: What is Education for Sustainability? Module 2: How do we design and educate for sustainability? Module 3: How is place part of who we are? How does who we are impact how we teach? Module 4: What can I offer, what can I gain from a network of EFS leaders? This course is action-oriented with an expectation that participants will create an EFS portfolio that includes an EFS Action Plan, an EFS unit or project design, and a Sustainability Ethics and Values Statement.

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