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Middle schools have evolved from the traditional "junior" version of high school into institutions dedicated to providing developmentally responsive pedagogy for early adolescents. As such, these schools create a culture of learning unique to the physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs of students ages 10-14. Participants in this course will examine curriculum, instruction and assessment that is relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory. Together we will explore the purpose and design of these practices, including various strategies for connecting curriculum, through democratic principles, service learning, the integrated use of technology, common core and reflective teacher practice.


Online Course; June 22 -June 26, 2020, 9-4 PM:synchronous and asynchronous; June 27- July 3, 2020: fully asynchronous; Important: Students must contact the Middle Grades Collaborative for registration information (at register@middlegradesinstitute.org) prior to registering through the UVM system.

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