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Individual work on a research problem selected by the student in consultation with a staff member. Prerequisite: Twelve hours in education and related areas; endorsement by a sponsoring faculty member.


Offered five Mondays in spring semester; Contact instructors for exact dates; Location: L/L 306; Open to Degree and CDE students; Graduate standing or instructor perm

Section Description

PURPOSE OF THE MODULE: This course is designed to introduce students to a number of emerging and contemporary “hot topics” in higher education. Course materials, readings, guest speakers, and vibrant in-class discussion will provide a real-world, practical understanding of current and future challenges faced by institutions of higher education within the United States of America. Though the central focus of the course will be exploring issues within the US context, the instructors will attempt to weave the global nature of today’s academy into class conversations and we welcome perspectives from students who have studied in, or are familiar with, other systems of education. Since it is likely that students will be faced with the very challenges being discussed in class throughout their careers, our hope is to look at each topic through varied hierarchical perspectives – from entry-level to senior administrators.

Section Expectation

COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the end of this 1 credit course, students should be able to: • Identify and describe the major challenges facing institutions of higher education related to budget/finance, affordability, internationalization, technology, and the health and wellbeing of students • Identify and access current, reliable information and articles related to challenges and issues in higher education • Anticipate some of the future challenges facing higher education and begin to understand how these challenges may impact their own career path


COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND EVALUATION: 1. Attendance & Participation: This is a graduate class. Therefore, we view your work in the context of our being colleagues together in the profession. Your attendance is critical for the class to function as a learning community. Given that we will only be together for five weeks of full content, more than one absence will result in your grade being lowered. Discussion of the readings and issues presented will be the basis from which we will learn together. 2. Readings: We are going to assume that all readings will be completed prior to the day’s class session. The success of the class discussion, your reflections, and how much you and others will gain depends upon your active engagement with the topics. Active engagement cannot occur if you are not informed. 3. Assignments: Class presentations are due on the day you are scheduled to present. Written assignments are to be submitted electronically to joseph.russell@uvm.edu by midnight on the due date. 4. Grading: Grades will be based on the quality completion of all work. All work for the course must be completed by the end of the course. An “A” represents discussion, assignments, and projects of exceptionally high quality that demonstrate a sound understanding of the implications and complexities of the challenges presented. A “C” represents a minimally adequate completion of assignments and demonstration of a superficial understanding of the material and little engagement in class discussions. Your quality of writing, use of grammar, and editing ability should meet or exceed professional standards. 5. Evaluation: Evaluations will be divided as follows for a total of 100 points. Class Contributions (attendance & participation) 10 points (2 pts. per class) Class Presentation 20 points Interview Prep Questions 30 points Staff Interview and Case Study 40 points TOTAL 100 points

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