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Physical Education-Prof: Sport in Society

EDPE 220 A (CRN: 93675)

3 Credit Hours

About EDPE 220 A

Examines sport as a social institution, emphasizing interrelationships between sport and the social context in which it exists; analyzes functions and dysfunctions of sport in contemporary society.


Course has online component; Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

This course is an in depth study of the various roles that sport plays in society and an evaluation of many social themes through media. The course uses numerous documentaries, readings and video clips as the basis for course content and thoughtful discourse. The course also focuses on sports culture from around the world paying particular attention to the various roles sports play in different countries. Issues such as apartheid, amateurism, drugs, media, ethics, gambling, are all considered in this course. Course Objectives: Upon completion the student will:- 1. Understand the global role of sports in society. 2. Understand the diversity of sports participation on a global scale. 3. Understand the driving forces behind the finances of professional sports. 4. Develop awareness for the power and ability of sports to changes lives and political policy. 5. Develop awareness for the historical context of sports and its influences. Reading Materials None required to Purchase: Weekly materials are posted online in Blackboard.

Section Expectation

It is expected that students will attend and participate in all classes. In order to participate fully the weekly readings will need to be completed.


Grading Outline: 1. Class attendance, participation (online), postings, and survey feedback: 25%. This relates to demonstration of reading material, active vocal participation and evidence of preparation for class by doing in class assignments, readings, evaluations, etc. 2. Online Quizzes/Postings (10): 50%. These will be available after each lesson AND MUST BE COMPLETED BY 4PM THE FOLLOWING MONDAY. 3. Course Reflection Presentation: 25%. Why Sport Matters! This is a powerpoint/media presentation, further details provided in class. Max 4 per group.




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