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Early Childhood Pre K-3: K-3 STEM: Math for Meaning

EDEC 156 A (CRN: 91545)

3 Credit Hours

About EDEC 156 A

Focuses on children's development of mathematical thinking as it relates to STEM and classroom practices (Kindergarten-Grade 3) that individualize "mathematizing within a socio-constructivist context of learning." Integrated approach to curriculum development with an emphasis on inquiry and "real world" investigations. Prerequisites: EDEC 063 or equivalent, Praxis Core fulfilled, Early Childhood PreK-3 majors, or Instructor permission. Co-requisites: EDEC 179, EDEC 181, EDEC 182.


Prereqs enforced by the system: EDEC 063; or equivalent; ECP or ECSP majors only; Prereq: PRAXIS Core Requirement Fullfulled; Coreq: EDEC 179, 181, 182; This course also has an online component. Open to Degree and CDE students

Section Description

This course is designed to provide pre-service teachers with a foundation in instructional practices and content knowledge necessary to support children’s construction of mathematical understandings in the Kindergarten through 3rd grade classroom. We will learn about the content requirements in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, and build mathematical practices that will support children's learning and deeper understanding. We will explore our own mathematical knowledge/work, in order to broaden and deepen our own understanding, with the goal of improving our ability to support our students’ journey. We will build a repertoire of classroom practices and technology resources to support the social and emotional well being of students in the elementary classroom.




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