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Graduate Nursing: Practicum: Children

GRNS 311 Z3 (CRN: 61909)

1.25 Credit Hour

About GRNS 311 Z3

Faculty guide students in clinical settings to maximize exposure to all aspects of the nursing process with children having selected pathophysiological problems. Prerequisite: GRNS 310. Pre/co-requisites: GRNS 307, GRNS 314, GRNS 315.


Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019; Practicum Dates: May 20 - June 7th; Ten days of school nurse placements in and around Chittenden Matriculated GRNS pre-licensure year students only; Pre and Post work required

Section Description

The objectives of this course are the same as GRNS 310: 1. Identify child/ adolescent and family responses to alterations in health using an integrative approach including the physical, cognitive, psychological, spiritual and social domains. 2. Incorporate theory and research into the care of children/ adolescents and their families. 3. Apply knowledge of the unique anatomic structures, pathophysiological processes, developmental progression and psychological processes of children from birth through adolescence to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate care. 4. Use opportunities to positively influence the health behaviors of children and their families. 5. Provide and promote safe care in order to prevent injury, support the growth and development of the child, and support the child and family's management of care. 6. Collaborate with other health-care providers and the family to promote coordinated service delivery. 7. Communicate effectively with the child/ adolescent, family, and others who participate in the care and education of the child and family. 8. Use ANA Standards of Nursing Practice and Code of Ethics to guide practice. Approved FOM 12/01/00

Section Expectation

This clinical experience consists of 75 hours of clinical where 10 days are spent with school nurse preceptors in health offices in various schools. It also includes SIM lab experience, orientation to school nursing and practice taking the Pediatric ATI exam.


This section is pass - fail. School Nurse Preceptors and faculty will evaluate students progress in meeting the course objectives.




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Location In Vt Or Out Of State (View Campus Map)