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Natural Resources: Population and Environment

NR 395 OL4 (CRN: 61893)

3 Credit Hours

About NR 395 OL4

Graduate topics and material that may eventually develop into a regular course offering.


Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019; Intructor permission required; Graduate course for "Leadership for the Ecozoic" Ph.D. program

Section Description

As the signature field course for the “population cohort” of the Leadership for the Ecozoic (L4E) partnership, this course will provide a broad, multidisciplinary exposure to the inter-relationships between human population dynamics and the environment. The class is organized around seminars, guest lectures, field visits, presentations, modeling labs, and group work. Readings and preparatory sessions will introduce the main theories and debates over population-environment interactions, as well as the basic understandings of demographic modeling, scenario analysis, and national policy contexts. Guest speakers will be invited to the summer session to lead discussions on a plethora of themes covering the social, demographic, ecological, environmental, economic, cultural, ethical, political, and institutional aspects of population dynamics. Students will develop research topics to be explored through demographic analysis, historical research, and socio-political inquiry. The expected outcome for the cohort experience is a clear articulation of population research and policy for the Ecozoic.




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