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Human Functioning & Rehab Sci: Prof Writing & Grantsmanship

HFRS 450 Z1 (CRN: 61844)

2 Credit Hours

About HFRS 450 Z1

Topics include grant selection and approval processes, selection of appropriate publication outlets for a given research study, and report of research results. Prerequisites: Graduate Student standing, Masters level students require Instructor permission.


Dates: May 20 - August 9, 2019; HFRS PhD students only

Section Description

COURSE DESCRIPTION This seminar builds upon the skills that students have developed in CTS 301 (Designing Clinical & Translational Research), CTS 310 (Conducting Clinical & Translational Research), and CTS 315 (Reporting Clinical & Translational Research). Topics will include: reporting research in various formats (scientific article, grant proposal); the variety of grant mechanisms available to graduate students and entry-level professionals (including both federal sources and private foundations); criteria for successful grant applications; journal and grant peer review processes; and selecting an appropriate publication outlet for a given research study. Students will apply these skills and concepts to a project that they are developing in preparation for their qualifying examination and their dissertation. Each student will prepare a research proposal related to their future dissertation topic appropriate for a particular granting agency OR a publication based on their past research appropriate for a particular publication. At the beginning of the semester, participants will decide on an appropriate grant mechanism or publication and outline the project they will work on. Each week, students will prepare drafts of their work in progress and post them for review by classmates. Classmate reviewers will post written critiques; then all parties will discuss these during the class sessions. Students will present their final project both orally (to the whole class) and in writing.

Section Expectation

COURSE OBJECTIVES At the end of the course students will be able to: 1. Describe strategies for productive writing and apply them in one’s own schedule; 2. Identify the major sections of a grant application and research paper, and the content included in each; 3. Evaluate appropriate grant mechanism(s)/agency(ies) or publication outlets for a particular project; 4. Align research communication with application/publication guidelines and reviewer feedback; 5. Develop a grant application or research paper for a project of the student’s choice that effectively presents scientific information and research; 6. Effectively evaluate others’ written submissions and deliver constructive peer feedback




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