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Counseling: Sex Therapy I

EDCO 291 Z5 (CRN: 61811)

1 Credit Hour

About EDCO 291 Z5

Special issues in counseling, administration and planning, social work or higher education not appropriate to content of existing courses. Courses reflect the social services orientation of the Department of Integrated Professional Studies.


Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019; Class meets on 5/20, 5/22, 5/27, 5/29, 6/3, & 6/5 only from 5:30-8pm. The entire course will run over a 4-week period with pre-readings being assigned for the first week and the two in-class days running consecutively in the first 4 weeks. Follow-up coursework will be assigned; Contact for info

Section Description

In this first 1-credit section of the Sex Therapy course series, students will explore foundational concepts and theories in human sexuality and sex therapy. Course objectives include 1) Examining sexual development across the lifespan, the sexual response cycle, diversity of sexually practices, and contextual factors influencing sexual behavior; 2) Investigating basic principles and practices in systemic sex therapy and trends in the presentation of sexual difficulties and disorders; 3) Analyzing the cultural context of sexual challenges, including systems that discover and construct sexual knowledge; and 4) Reflecting on attitudes and biases about sex, sexuality, and gender and accounting for the potential of sexual transference and countertransference in a clinical context.

Section Expectation

This course meets in-person twice a week and combines lecture and discussion formats. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours a week completing course readings and assignments in addition to time spent in class. The course will utilize two required texts and supplemental articles/chapters posted to Blackboard.


Grades are based on attendance and participation (including participation in online forums), weekly assignments, and a final assessment.




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