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Statistics: QR: Applied Probability

STAT 151 OL1 (CRN: 61784)

3 Credit Hours

About STAT 151 OL1

Foundations of probability, conditioning, and independence. Business, computing, biological, engineering reliability, and quality control applications. Classical discrete and continuous models. Pseudo-random number generation. Prerequisites: MATH 020 or MATH 022 or MATH 023.


Dates: May 20 - July 12, 2019

Section Description

Two semesters of calculus are a prerequisite for this course. In order to understand real world phenomena, it is necessary to account for the role of randomness. Probability provides a framework to understand and model randomness. Topics will include: axioms of probability, basic combinatorics, conditional probability and independence, distributions of random variables, mathematical expectation, and functions of random variables.

Section Expectation

Textbook: Probability & Statistical Inference by Hogg, Tanis & Zimmerman. (Don't get the "Global Edition" because the problems are different from the U.S. version!) A printed copy is rather expensive, but the e-book is a less expensive option and is sufficient.


Grades will be determined based on the following criteria: Discussion Board Participation 10% Quizzes 40% Exams 50%




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